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For over a decade, Super Seal of Virginia has positioned itself as Bealeton VA’s best and most dependable paving specialists, performing commercial paving services as well as residential driveway services. We have been the top company for services like parking lot installation, pavement maintenance, and asphalt and concrete repair. Our commitment to our core values of integrity, considerate behavior, and dedicated service make us one of the best in the paving field.

Asphalt Paving Services in Bealeton Virginia

  • We ensure our paving professionals at every level maintain proper licensing, work in compliance with local laws, and are educated in local regulations regarding paving and parking.
  • We believe in providing the best possible customer service, valuing our clients’ time, and using only quality workmanship in every paving service we provide.
  • We strive to achieve the best pavement results by only using the best concrete and asphalt materials as well as the most advanced paving equipment.

Explore Bealeton VA

A census-designated place in Fauquier County VA, Bealton is at the intersection of State Route 28 and U.S. Route 17 about 20 miles from Manassas and almost 30 miles from Fredericksburg Virginia. The population was 4,435 as of the 2010 census, making it a small town with a quaint, scenic feel. It was originally a stop on the former Orange and Alexandria Railroad (which was absorbed into the Southern Railway in 1894). It played a role in the Civil War toward the beginning, becoming an important transit hub for Union soldiers.

There’s a lot to enjoy in and around Bealeton VA. It is home to one of the last barnstorming air shows in America, which is just called the “Flying Circus” and is open every Sunday from May to October. There is a robust local farm market that has quality local items, happy workers, and good food. The Un-Lucky Inn is a local haunted house that is maintained by volunteers. Finally, multiple parks and bars, including the Morais Vineyards & Winery, are available for anyone coming or going!

All About Asphalt Paving and Repair in Bealeton VA

For the best pavement services in Bealeton VA, Super Seal of Virginia is the contractor to call. We’ll help you find the right services that can extend the life of your parking lot or restore your driveway. One of the most useful paving solutions in our arsenal is pavement overlay. Let’s dig into how it works.

Pavement Overlay: What Bealeton VA Property Owners Need to Know

  • What is pavement overlay?

    Essentially, an overlay is a process of laying a new layer of pavement, whether asphalt or concrete, over existing pavement. This is most often done as an asphalt overlay, as this paving material can adhere better to the underlayer.

  • When is asphalt overlay recommended?

    Asphalt overlays can be very effective at creating a new pavement surface, but they’re most effective in certain conditions, such as:

    • The area only has gravel that can be properly graded and smoothed to make asphalt.
    • If the existing pavement is concrete, it has to be stable.
    • For overlay on top of asphalt pavement, it has to have cracks filled, a stable base layer, and be under 20-25 years old.
  • When is pavement too old for an overlay?

    Older pavement isn’t suitable for asphalt overlay services because, even with proper maintenance and timely asphalt repairs, pavement damage starts to get into the sub-base over time. Once your pavement reaches two or more decades, you’ll need more intense asphalt resurfacing services or possibly full depths removal and replacement.

Super Seal of Virginia, the Pavement Experts in Bealeton VA

When you need help with your worn parking lot or damaged asphalt driveway in Virginia, Super Seal of VA is the paving company to call. We’re experienced in all types of asphalt repair and resurfacing, so we can find the right asphalt service for your unique property.

For a consultation about asphalt overlay or any other pavement service, contact us right away.

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