Asphalt Driveway Paving

Asphalt driveway paving services are one of the best ways to improve the value of your residential property, as well as the curb appeal. To get the most durable and beautiful driveway possible, you need the help of the most reputable driveway contractor in your local area.

Super Seal of VA: Asphalt Driveway Paving Experts in VA and MD

With years experience in asphalt paving, we’re proud to help our local homeowners with residential paving services including driveway installation, repair, and ongoing maintenance. We understand that your driveway is a major asset, so we’ll work hard to make the initial installation cost effective and efficient.

Guide to Asphalt Driveway Paving

  • Why choose asphalt paving for your new driveway?

    Though it’s used on roadways and parking lots all over the world, asphalt can sometimes be overlooked for residential paving. Asphalt has several advantages for driveways, including:

    • Asphalt is made for cars, so stands up to years of use. It flexes under the weight of vehicles instead of cracking, like concrete.
    • Driveway repair services cost less than paving stone replacement, for example.
    • Initial driveway paving costs are lower, and it doesn’t take very long at all.
    • Driveway maintenance is quick and low-cost, making the ROI for asphalt driveways high.
  • Asphalt Driveway Paving Options

    There are several different ways to pave your driveway, including:

    • Directly on Soil – Reputable asphalt paving contractors can either remove a broken driveway completely or start from scratch and pave a durable asphalt driveway directly onto the soil.
    • On a Gravel Driveway – Gravel and aggregates like crushed rock are often used as a base for asphalt, so your driveway contractor can pave over it easily. Often, a gravel driveway will need to be graded and compacted before asphalt can be applied.
    • On Top of an Existing Driveway – If the driveway already on your property doesn’t have huge cracks or severe deterioration, paving professionals can apply a new layer of asphalt directly on top.

Get a Beautiful Asphalt Driveway on Your Residential Property from Local

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Your house is your biggest investment, and we want it to remain beautiful and function for as a long as possible with quality asphalt driveway paving services. Our experienced asphalt paving contractors are dedicated to exceeding industry standards on every job in order to provide our local homeowners with the most value.

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