Driveway Repair

Your residential pavement is a huge part of your property values and curb appeal, so driveway repair is a vital service for keeping your home in good repair.

Super Seal of VA: Best Asphalt Repair in Virginia and Maryland

The trained, experienced paving professionals at Super Seal of VA are well-versed in all the latest asphalt repair methods that will protect drivers in your family and visitors to your residential property. We use the same state of the art repair techniques on your driveway as we use on commercial parking lots and municipal roadways because all our customers deserve the best paving services.

Driveway Repair FAQ

  • Do I need to repair my driveway?

    How can you tell that your driveway needs repairs in the first place, aside from obvious damage like deep potholes or a dry, brittle, and flaking surface? A good way to test your asphalt driveway for health is to watch how water reacts to the surface. Healthy asphalt pavement is waterproof and won’t allow water to penetrate the surface and cause issues, so if it soaks in, it’s time to call your trusted local paving company for a consultation about your driveway repair options.

  • What driveway repair services are there?

    Whatever your residential pavement damage, there is a driveway repair service to correct it.

    • Crack filling services seal up driveway cracks so that they don’t get worse and break up the asphalt. Don’t wait to get crack sealing, either. It’s most effective on cracks that are less than an inch deep and under 3/4 inch wide.
    • Pothole repairs fix just the damaged portion of the asphalt driveway and make sure the patch is seamless and matches the level of the existing pavement. This saves money by reducing the need for asphalt driveway resurfacing or replacement.
    • Sealcoating soaks the entire top layer of driveway in a specialized asphalt emulsion that provides thirsty pavement with chemicals that keep it flexible and waterproof.
  • Can I protect my asphalt driveway from damage?

    The easiest way to correct minor surface issues like flaking as well as protect the asphalt surface against further wear and tear is to get a service called sealcoating. Sure, there are DIY driveway sealants out there, but professional sealcoating is guaranteed to extend the life of your driveway.

    Don’t put up with a broken driveway! Contact Super Seal of Virginia for the best driveway repair services in the area!

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