Asphalt Repair

Curious if your asphalt can be repaired or if you’ll need to completely repave it? Let the asphalt repair experts at Super Seal of VA answer all your questions about pavement damage!

All About Asphalt Repair

Types of Asphalt Damage

  • Surface Damage – Oxidation, UV rays, and water all affect the top layer of asphalt, breaking down chemicals in the pavement and weakening it.
  • Cracks – The factors that break down the surface of asphalt pavement can also cause cracks, including water penetration and oxidation.
  • Potholes – Pooling water can break down the asphalt binders between the aggregates, exposing it. When this water damage continues in the same place, the deterioration can go down into the base layer.
  • Uneven Surface – When the gravel base isn’t properly installed or the asphalt isn’t compacted, it can cause the asphalt to collapse, leaving the surface uneven.

How Asphalt Repair Services Address Pavement Damage

  • Asphalt Sealcoating – This service applies a thin asphalt emulsion to the asphalt surface to replenish it with oils and chemicals it needs to remain flexible. A sealcoat also provides a barrier against oxidation, UV rays, and water penetration.
  • Crack Sealing – After thoroughly cleaning out asphalt cracks, paving contractors fill them in with high quality asphalt emulsions that seal up the crack.
  • Infrared Pothole Repair – Traditional pothole repairs, called patching, involve cutting away damaged asphalt and filling it in with new, but this leaves a seam where water can enter and cause more damage. Infrared asphalt repairs uses infrared heat to melt the asphalt on the edge of a pothole so it blends seamlessly with the new asphalt used to fill the pothole.
  • Asphalt Resurfacing – When asphalt has been repaired over and over or there are multiple unevel areas on the surface, asphalt milling and resurfacing can remove the top layer and replace it with freshly laid asphalt.

Contact Super Seal of VA, Asphalt Repair Experts Serving Virginia and Maryland

Asphalt repair services are most effective when the damage is caught early, so it’s important to get regular pavement inspections from a trusted asphalt paving company. In Virginia, that company is Super Seal of VA. We have the experience with asphalt sealing and repair to help fix even the worst pavement problems without resorting to expensive asphalt replacement. We can permanently repair your asphalt driveway or commercial parking lot in no time.

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