Asphalt Installation

The key to stable and beautiful commercial and residential pavement is quality asphalt installation, and the best way to get that is with asphalt paving services from the most reputable paving company in your area. A paving company with experience can perform even the most complicated asphalt driveway installation and parking lot paving.

Best Asphalt Installation Contractors in Virginia

Super Seal of Virginia is the most professional asphalt paving company in the Fredericksburg VA area, and we’ve created a guide for Virginia and Maryland property owners to understand asphalt paving.

Our Guide to Asphalt Installation

the Asphalt Installation Process

  • Land Preparation – Before asphalt can be installed, the land underneath it needs to be free of debris, old paving, or vegetation. Experienced paving contractors can demolish and remove old pavement, rocks, trees, or whatever could interfere with paving.
  • Grading for Drainage – Before a single crumb of asphalt can be installed, the area to be paved needs to have the proper slope for water to run away from the completed pavement. Grading is the term for creating this slope as well as compacting the soil for stable asphalt.
  • Aggregate Base Installation – The first layer of asphalt pavement is a base layer made up of aggregates like crushed stone, recycled asphalt, or gravel. This also needs to be compacted and graded.
  • Asphalt Installation – The next few layers are made up of asphalt, which is made of aggregates suspended in a dark black petroleum product called bitumen or tar. Lower levels have larger aggregates for strength, while the uppermost layer of asphalt has fine aggregates to create the smooth surface we associate with asphalt. Generally, asphalt pavement takes around 48 hours to completely harden or cure.
  • Pavement Finishing – Many paved areas like parking lots or roadways aren’t complete once the asphalt has been installed. Traffic paint needs to be applied to create parking lines and symbols, and even asphalt driveways benefit from a sealcoating to protect the new asphalt.

Get the Best Asphalt Installation in Virginia from Super Seal of VA

Since 2013, Super Seal of Virginia has been proudly serving local property owners with asphalt paving services ranging from quality pavement installation to repair and maintenance. We’ll be with you from the initial installation all the way through the life of your pavement, keeping it looking good with the most advanced and cost-effective asphalt techniques.

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