Infrared Pothole Repair

Seamless “Infrared” Asphalt (pothole) Repair

Repairing asphalt by conventional methods is very expensive and are far from permanent. Even when the work is performed properly, the finished conventional asphalt repair is left with a cold seam where the hot asphalt meets the existing pavement. This cold seam is where the water will eventually re-enter the repair and cause it to fail again.

While infrared technology is used to repair a variety of asphalt defects, pothole repair is the most common use. As compared to the conventional method, the infrared method does not require the damaged asphalt to be cut and eliminates the seams that exist after the repair is made. This seamless repair has a major advantage over the conventional method because water cannot re-enter causing the repair to fail. To top it all off infrared technology now makes pothole repairs more affordable.

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