Asphalt Overlay Tips and Info

One of the most effective pavement repair services is asphalt overlay, but it needs to be performed by the best paving contractor in your area. In Stevensburg VA, Super Seal of VA is the most experienced paving company with state of the art asphalt repair services. We’ve restored parking lots, driveways, and roads all over Virginia using services like asphalt overlay. Let us help you understand the benefits of this proven pavement repair process.

Your Asphalt Overlay Questions Answered

  • What’s the difference between asphalt overlay and sealcoating?

    Both involve spreading an asphalt product over an existing pavement surface to restore and protect that surface and extend its lifespan. The main difference is the thickness of the product used. Sealcoating is a thin asphalt emulsion that contains very fine aggregates and additives for UV resistance and other benefits. For an overlay, paving contractors use actual asphalt pavement to a thickness of at least 2 inches, creating more of a new paved surface on top of the old.

  • When is a parking lot or driveway too old for an overlay?

    It’s less about age of pavement and more about damage. If your parking lot or driveway is unstable or has problems with the base layer, an overlay won’t do much good. Other damage like deep cracks, if not properly repaired, can reflect or show through the new asphalt layer. Older pavement is more likely to have these sorts of problems, so it’s best to get pavement over 20 years old removed and replaced.

  • Who do I call for asphalt overlay in Stevensburg VA?

    Super Seal of Virginia is here for our local property owners with damaged pavement. Asphalt damage only gets worse, so call the pavement experts at Super Seal of VA right away for an inspection and consultation about your repair options.

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