Repairing Asphalt in a Timely Manner in Lewiston VA

For quick asphalt repair in Lewiston VA, Super Seal of Virginia is the trusted paving company. We have experience with asphalt services all over Spotsylvania County, Virginia. We’re dedicated to bringing the most state-of-the-art, effective asphalt paving services to our local clients, always using the best materials and paving equipment. This allows us to quickly repair local pavement.

Why Repair Your Virginia Asphalt in a Timely Manner

It’s vital to get pavement damage fixed quickly so that damage doesn’t worsen, and it’s important to understand asphalt damage and pavement repair options to know why.

Reasons for Asphalt Damage

Most property owners, whether they have a commercial parking lot or asphalt driveway, don’t understand how asphalt damage occurs and worsens over time. Reasons for pavement breakdown include:

  • Exposure to UV rays
  • Water penetrating the asphalt and freezing
  • Vehicle chemical spills breaking down the pavement
  • Heating and cooling cycles
  • High traffic or heavy vehicles

Asphalt Repair Services Prevent Further Damage

Asphalt repair services, especially the technologically advanced repair methods used by Super Seal of VA like infrared asphalt repair, target types of damage that can get worse over time. Here’s how that works.

  • Sealcoating provides a layer of protection against UV rays and water penetration.
  • Asphalt patch repairs remove damaged pavement and replace it with whole asphalt, preventing it from spreading.
  • Infrared asphalt repairs melt damaged asphalt, allowing it to flow back together or bond with fillers to seal cracks and keep them from worsening.
  • Asphalt resurfacing removes pavement with lots of cracks and replaces it so the damage doesn’t get into the base layer and affects pavement stability.

Super Seal of Virginia: Asphalt Repair Experts

No matter what kind of damage you have to your retail parking lot or residential driveway, Super Seal of VA has an advanced asphalt repair solution to address it. Don’t wait for pavement damage to get worse! Contact us today!

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