Parking Lot 101

Virginia business owners need to understand what goes into their parking lots so that they can keep up with their parking lot maintenance and keep visitors to their commercial property safe. Only an experienced commercial paving company can help.

In Moncure Corner VA, Super Seal of Virginia is the most reputable parking lot paving contractor because of our experience with commercial asphalt and our expertise with paving processes. We are proud to help local schools keep their faculty, students, and visitors safe with smooth, well-maintained pavement.

What Makes a Parking Lot

A lot is just asphalt pavement without certain services that only a reputable local commercial paving company can provide. Let’s look at the things that make a parking lot safe for drivers and compliant with local and national regulations.

  • Line Striping – The main thing that makes a parking lot is the bright white lines that mark out where the parking spaces are, but that’s not the only parking symbols a lot has. Your trusted parking lot paving company can paint traffic symbols like arrows, double lines, electric vehicle parking symbols, as well as numbers and letters.
  • Concrete – Concrete is used in many places around a parking lot, including the concrete constructions at the end of the spaces called parking bumpers or wheel stops. Ramps, walkways, bollards, and curbs are also important parking lot concrete.
  • ADA Compliance – The Americans With Disability Act requires most public parking lots to have certain parking spaces and loading zones reserved for visitors who use mobility aids. Your local paving company understands these laws and can make sure your parking lot is compliant.

For the best parking lot paving services in Moncure Corner VA, Super Seal of Virginia is the one to call!

If you’re ready to take your commercial asphalt to the next level, don’t wait! Call Super Seal of VA to schedule a consultation today!

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