Best Asphalt Company in Owens VA

For more than a decade, Super Seal of Virginia has been paving commercial and residential properties in Owens VA, becoming the area’s most reliable and dependable asphalt paving experts. We have been providing professional paving services like parking lot installation, asphalt and concrete repairs, and pavement maintenance in Virginia since 2013, and we’re proud to bring these services to communities like Owens VA.

Best Asphalt Paving in Owens VA

  • Our paving contractors are highly-trained, considerate, and dedicated to local property owners, and our company leaders maintain a presence on-site to ensure they are working in compliance with our values as a company.
  • We make sure our paving professionals at all levels maintain their proper licensing, always work in accordance with local laws, and are informed about local parking and street regulations.
  • The entire company has a focus on integrity from the owners to the front-line paving workers, everyone knowing they are responsible for the work they do and maintaining excellence in product.

Enjoy Scenic Owens VA

An unincorporated crossroads community in King George County, Owens VA is a lovely small community located at the intersection of Dahlgren Road, Windsor Drive, and Owens Drive. State Routes 218 and 206 meet here as well, making Owens Virginia a local hub for travel into and out of the Alexandria VA/Washington DC metro area. This community comprises less than a dozen houses and businesses right along Dahlgren Road, but it has a lot to offer both Virginians and visitors to the area.

The Owens Virginia area features multiple golf courses, a skate center, and an antique book store. It is located on a curve of the Potomac River on the border of Maryland and Virginia. If you’re willing to travel a little bit, there’s a lot of parks and other natural beauty of the area. Military enthusiasts will enjoy the Joint Warfare Analysis Center and the Navy base in nearby Dahlgren VA. There’s a lot to do around Owens, as it is a crossroads where people can go to many pieces of the lifeblood of Maryland or Virginia.

Budgeting for Asphalt Maintenance in Owens VA

To get the longest life out of residential and commercial pavement, asphalt maintenance services are a must, but it can be hard for Virginia property owners to know how to adequately budget for paving services. Having a relationship with a top-notch paving contractor with experience in their local area.

In Owens VA, Super Seal of Virginia is the trusted asphalt maintenance company, and we have the most cost-efficient methods for preserving and protecting asphalt pavement on parking lots and driveways.

3 Steps to Budget for Asphalt Maintenance in Owens VA

  • One: Know the Condition of Your Asphalt

    To have an idea of how much it will cost for maintenance services, you have to know the condition of your asphalt pavement. The best way to do this is to walk your property, and here are some things to look for.

    • All Asphalt – Dry asphalt, pavement color, cracks, depressions, puddles.
    • Parking Lots – Vehicle chemical spills, faded parking lines, potholes.
    • Asphalt Driveways – Crumbling edges, pavement shifting, debris.
  • Two: Know What Asphalt Maintenance Services Can Do

    Pavement maintenance services improve, preserve, and protect your pavement from damage and wear, but it’s important to know how they do that so you can budget for them. Asphalt maintenance services include:

    • Seal Coating – Applying a specialized sealant over asphalt protects it from getting waterlogged, dried out by the sun, and worn down by tires.
    • Crack Sealing – Getting crack filling services stops cracks from getting worse, connecting, and turning into potholes.
    • Line Striping – Pavement markings and parking lines should be refreshed to stay bright and visible.
  • Three: Call Super Seal of Virginia, Owens VA’s Pavement Maintenance Experts

    Ready to preserve your asphalt driveway or commercial parking lot? Call the asphalt paving company with the most experience with asphalt maintenance services: Super Seal of VA. Our asphalt experts are waiting to hear from you!

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