Concrete vs Blacktop Driveways in Spotsylvania VA

Local homeowners debating between blacktop and concrete driveways in Spotsylvania VA have lots of factors to consider from cost to pavement lifespan. Both asphalt and concrete pavement can have benefits, but it all depends on what the property owners need from their residential pavement. The key to choosing the right kind of driveway paving is to get the help of the most experienced residential paving company in the local are.

Super Seal of Virginia, Spotsylvania VA’s most reputable driveway paving company, has years of experience with asphalt paving in both Maryland and Virginia, and we’re dedicated to complete customer satisfaction on every paving project.

Differences between Blacktop vs Concrete Driveways

Concrete has been a very popular option for driveways for years, but we’ve all seen an old, broken asphalt driveway with areas lifted by roots or cracked and crumbling. Asphalt paving can seem daunting for homeowners, but the professionals are proud to make your driveway the best. Here’s the pros and cons of different types of driveways:

  • With stains, stencils, and finish options, concrete driveways can offer more visual options than asphalt.
  • The dark black look of asphalt is classic and will match the street. Blacktop driveways also soak up sunlight, resisting ice formation in colder months.
  • Concrete needs regular sealing and cleaning in order to stay waterproof and stable, which can be expensive.
  • Asphalt driveway maintenance services are very cost-effective and, with regular maintenance, a blacktop driveway can last for up to 20 years.

Need the best driveway paving in Spotsylvania VA? Call Super Seal of Virginia!

We’ve been paving in Virginia and Maryland since 2013, so we understand the needs of local property owners both residential and commercial. We’ll work closely with you to determine the best paving services for your situation and make sure you’re satisfied with our workmanship and integrity.

To get the best driveway paving services in Spotsylvania VA, contact Super Seal of Virginia!


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