Picture of workers doing paving work
Picture of workers doing asphalt repair
Picture of workers doing asphalt repair


From eliminating liability issues to creating new parking lots and roadways...Super Seal is capable of handling any and all of your paving needs.

Asphalt Repair

There is going to come a time for every asphalt installation where you... will have to make a choice between replacing your asphalt or repairing it. If sealcoating is not enough to repair your asphalt driveway or parking lot, then you will need to have the asphalt repaired.

Repairing asphalt is a more frugal and less expensive option than... replacing the asphalt. As with sealcoating, repairing your asphalt is important to keeping water from seeping into the base materials. Water can cause more damage and oxidation of the materials. When water leaks into the base materials, the asphalt can become soft and eventually cause pot holes.

Super Seal of Virginia offers Asphalt Repair services for those clients that... need more protection than sealcoating offers. If your asphalt is already starting to crack and break, contact our expert team to repair your asphalt today!

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